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Human Relationships, Quality, Flow

Doing a little pre-reading research of Fahrenheit 451 for July’s Read It, Watch It I came across this question, which was proposed by Skip Navigation Linksteacher Mrs. Cindy Golden of Rockwood elementary on their blog ( meta! ):

What effect does the pace of life have on the quality of human relationships?  How does it affect our ability to think and concentrate?

There were other questions, but this one resonated with the geek in me because I’m in the middle of reading the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ( I’m still pretty sure this is a pen name made by the mashing of knuckles on a keyboard ).

According to Mr. ( thank the Kraken for copy and paste! ) Csikszentmihalyi  the flow state is a state of “total involvement in life.” ( This may sound awfully familiar to you Buddhists out there.)  The result of the flow state is optimal experience or happiness.  So, how does one achieve flow state and how is it tied to the question?  My gut reaction was that “pace of life” is a relative thing and that the quality of the pace and therefore the quality of the human relationships being experienced is dependent on how those moments are spent not so much I did five things in five minutes iiiiiiiieeeeeeeee the pace of my life is too fast!!!!!  If each of those things was done in a flow state and was an optimal experience ie a moment spent in happiness ( note this is not the same as pleasure ) then the quality is high regardless of our perception of pace.  That’s my  psuedo answer to the question prior to reading Farenheit 451 anyways.  Mayhap Mr. Bradbury will persuade me otherwise?  I will revisit the question after reading and discussing the book and movie.

Has anyone out there read Flow?  What do you think about the tie between human relationships and the pace of life?  Is there one or is it the high, psycho talk way of saying – “Back in my day we didn’t have no Twitbook and people couldn’t book a ticket to Tokyo in ten minutes and there was no internet jib jab …”?  Are the Norman Rockwell, lemonade days gone away for good?  What did Bradbury think of the internet?

Was it a good thing I have followed this kind gentleman’s advice and waited until after seeing Prometheus to read this book!?


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