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August’s Read It, Watch It is Fellowship of the Ring

Steel yourselves, dear blog readers and random interweb bots, for now I tell you one of my darkest geek secrets. Somebody get that gentleman in the back a chair!

I … have never read any of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Shock. Horror.

Hmmm, perhaps it should have been a sturdier chair … well, someone get that gentleman in the back a bandage and a large glass of vodka-laced purple Koolaid.

It’s gonna be that kind of post people.

My path to fantasy and sci fi was marked by the likes of Madeline L’Engle, Roald Dahl, Piers Anthony, The X-Files, Stephen King, and a fascination with Schrodinger’s Cat and subsequently the ideas of quantum physics and astronomy.  I didn’t read the epic fantasies of Robert Jordan and GRR Martin until much later, let alone Tolkein.  Even so Tolkein and I go way back.  One of the most vivid memories from childhood is of having the chicken pox and listening to The Hobbit on a record player over and over.  I can still hear the song in my head. “The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. Dum, dumm, dum something yours to make. Something something road of your life is in your hands today.”  Uh, huh, I was six and delirious.

Anyways, the recorded story and later the animated film ( especially the trolls ) have stayed with me into adulthood.  With the new Hobbit movie coming out on December 14th I thought the next three months would be a good time to remedy my own ignorance and read the trilogy, so ( point, there is one ) August’s Read It, Watch It is The Fellowship of the Rings by JRR Tolkein.  And of course this means we get to watch the fabulous Peter Jackson adaptations as well.  It’s win, win, Hobbit goodness.

As usual I’ll be posting bits and bobs and whathaveits throughout the month, and we can meet on the third Saturday at Infusion Coffee to chat.

Dum, dumm, dum, something yours to make, something …


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