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So, Fellowship of the Ring … hmmmm … there was a fellowship … there was a ring … interspersed with reams after reams of description of leaves and twigs and more twigs and oh, look, excitement a hill!  I enjoy me some nature people, but this, this … but it did lead me to:

Interesting Bits and Linkage Discovered Whilst Trolling the InterWebs for Items of Interest in Regards to The Fellowship of the Ring:

Unused Audio Commentary By Howard Zinn And Noam Chomsky, Recorded Summer 2002 For The Fellowship Of The Ring (Platinum Series Extended Edition) Dvd. Part One. By and

The Shadow Waters by William Butler Keats, particularly this bit:

Second Sailor. “Twas Aengus and Edain, the wandering
To whom all lovers pray.
First Sailor. But what of that?
A shadow does not carry sword or spear.
Second Sailor. My mother told me that there is not one
Of the Ever-living half so dangerous
As that wild Aengus. Long before her day
He carried Edain off from a king’s house,
And hid her among fruits of jewel-stone
And in a tower of glass, and from that day
Has hated every man that’s not in love,
And has been dangerous to him.

via The Tolkein Society’s reading guide for Undergraduates which also suggests looking at the influence of Beowulf and Childe Roland ( a poem that had a huge influence on the author who really started my love of SF&F — Stephan King ).  Would be interesting to do a read through to look for ties to Dante’s Inferno as  it seems  like there are tendrils.

My Lord of the Rings by Matt Rhodes — would love to see a version animated by Mr. Rhodes

Rivendell Made of LEGOS via I09

And a lightweight, easy listinin’ kind of question: Is world building an act of revolution or denial?  Annnnnd – go.


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